Willie's Cacao - Hot Chocolate Medellin Cacao 250g


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"Pure and bursting with flavour" is how Willie's describe their new Hot Chocolate, drinking chocolate.

Made from single estate cocoa from the Medellin Estate in Colombia, this drinking chocolate powder is 100% natural and contains only two ingredients - Cacao and raw cane sugar.

The result is drinking chocolate that has an incredible richness and depth of flavour. Willy explains making it straight from the bean, allows them to offer the same uncompromising quality as you'll find in their chocolate bars.

To extract exactly the right flavour, the cocoa beans are lightly roasted before being conched for up to 21 days. Using 20th century cocoa butter presses, the butter is extracted and milled into a powder with the raw cane sugar.

It can be used in the preparation of both hot and cold drinks. Willie's hot chocolate is dairy free, soya free, wheat & gluten free and suitable for vegans, who can substitute dairy milk for non-dairy milks like almond or soy.

To make the perfect Hot Chocolate, Willie's recommend a 25g to 30g portion to 200ml milk.