Bacanha Sirop Brut de Spéculoos Quantity


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Bacanha's raw speculoos syrup is a simple cinnamon-based recipe. Its aroma is delicious, natural and its fragrance is subtly sweet.

The raw speculoos syrup will go perfectly with your preparations of lattes, cappuccinos or milkshakes.

Ingredients: sugar, water, aroma.

400ml bottle

Up to 20 drinks for 1 bottle

Net weight




Founded in 2013, Bacanha is a label specializing in the creation and manufacture of quality organic syrups. 

Formed by a passionate and creative team, we have acquired a know-how to offer unique drinks that are developed in Paris and made in the Paris region.

Our main value is quality, we use selected ingredients such as pure organic cane sugar, fruit concentrates and natural flavors. We offer real taste signatures, with at the heart of each one, a unique aroma and flavors, specificity of Bacanha creations.