Mill & Mortar RED DUKKAH

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Our red Dukkah is a blend of our popular paprika products – the sweet Murcia and the strong, smoked La Vera, along with a little coriander and cumin. Dukkah perfectly combines Mill & Mortar’s two core products, spices and almonds.

We have developed our own Dukkahs with inspiration from the simple but tasty mix that the Bedouins brought on their trade caravans through the Sahara. The basic ingredients for Dukkah are nuts, spices, salt and sugar. There is no specific recipe for the Dukkah – instead, it uses ingredients readily available in the kitchen – but the result is a tasty and protein-rich snack.

Traditionally, dukkah is eaten with flatbread dipped in oil. With Mill & Mortar’s Dukkahs and roasted sesame Dukkah Oil, you can easily create quick and delicious alternate-style tapas. All you need is some delicious bread, vegetables or boiled eggs. Our red Dukkah is a great hit at parties, and can also be a healthy midday snack.

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6cm (d) x 6cm (h) x 6cm (w)

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List of ingredients

Roasted almonds, white roasted sesame*, spices* (paprika*, fennel*, coriander*, cumin*, smoked paprika*, cayenne*, sugar*, salt.
* = Organic