Lola Mola white sangria

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White wine sangria

Cellar note:

"The ingredients of this sangria are all 100% natural. Its creators say that« we start from a 100% tempranillo base wine of Spanish origin, of a very high quality »and, according to the label, they also mix natural citrus fruit juice of the Mediterranean, natural aromas, sugar and citric acid. "That gives us a good base to build a product of a superior quality", they affirm. Away with the sangrias that send you straight to a hangover morning! 

To choose the typeface of the brand, the designers made a study of the typefaces that have dressed the facades of the most cañí taverns in the country.They then created a typeface ía own that reminds the original It is the link that links this quality sangria with its popular origin. To drink, we suggest that we place sweet orange segments in the mouth of the bottle and serve it cold, at 5 or 6ºC.
Bottle: 100 cl. Alcohol: 7.0%