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JAMU No1 is our true elixir of beauty. Ginger, turmeric, aronia, coriander and fennel give the medicinal drink superpowers that strengthen hair and nails, replenish the skin's moisture stores and stimulate collagen formation. The active combination with rice milk, which has been known for more than 1,000 years, is rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and trace elements, can switch off free radicals and strengthen the immune system. Turmeric has an antibacterial effect, improves the absorption of nutrients, cinnamon provides manganese, iron and calcium.

In addition to the herbs and spices, JAMU No1 owes its unmistakable taste to licorice root and grapefruit - seasoned with agave syrup. The wellness drink does not contain sugar and has only 19 kcal per 100 milliliters.

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330 ml

List of ingredients

Ingredients: water, grape fruit sweetness *, agave syrup *, rice sweetness *, lemon juice concentrate *, carbon dioxide, aloe vera juice *, aronia juice concentrate *, spice extracts * (turmeric *, fennel *, ginseng *, ginger *, coriander *, liquorice root *, vanilla * , Cinnamon *), stabilizers pectin and locust bean gum *, natural grapefruit flavor.

* from controlled organic agriculture