Salpic Huichol 190 Ml Original


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Some may not know about the original development of the Huichol Hot Sauce, but in 1949 Roberto Lopez using empty Pacifico beer bottles as the original containers.

The reason behind the use of empty beer bottles was because they did not have any other logos on them, and they were cheaper to find.

Roberto Lopez used his wife’s recipe to create the hot sauce we know today. The ingredients in the Huichol Hot Sauce contain the following:

  • Cascabel Peppers
  • Cumin
  • Salt
  • Vinegar

The Scoville level sits between 1,000 to 3,000. The heat is meant to enhance the flavor of your food and linger for a second.

Because of its mild tone, you can put a lot of this on your food at once. Huichol has a bit of an earthy flavor and is fit to put on more savory foods than sweet. 

The name and colorful label of Huichol honors the indigenous people that can be found near the mountains of Nayarit, Mexico.

This is an area that sits right outside Jalisco, Mexico, where other famous Mexican hot sauces were produced.

The production of Huichol is still well within the family. Roberto Lopez’s two grandsons and daughter continue to work in the family business.

The family boasts that the hot sauce can stay fresh for three years once you open it.