Giuliano Tartufi truffle powder 30 gram

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Thanks to Giuliano Martinelli, an Italian who gave up his financial security and literally pursued his passion for truffles, we have these wonderful products in our range. This also applies to this truffle powder, made from truffles from the forests of Pietralunga. It is the ideal seasoning to finish any truffle dish. Because the product is easy to use, it is loved by consumers and chefs. Application Try adding some truffle powder to pasta, rice or polenta. In addition, a little truffle powder is delicious with fish and vegetables, for grilling, baking and frying. You can easily sprinkle the truffle powder over your food, just a little is enough to enrich your dish with delicious truffle flavors. Award-winning product Not only at Giuliano Tartufi itself they stand behind their product, their truffle powder has also been awarded the prize “Most Innovative Condiment or Sauce”! With its intense truffle scent, it has quickly become a worldwide bestseller. The powder contains 5% dried summer truffle and comes in a handy sprinkle package.

Content: 100 grams